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    Product Velocity.
    Enhance software quickly.
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    Embrace Change.
    Pivot software to meet demand.
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    Critical Thought.
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This Is Stepquest

A forward thinking technology company providing custom software development services.
Focused on helping customers build successful solutions on cloud, web and mobile.


Productivity is key to any successful software implementation. Stepquest works to analyze and prototype solutions early in the development cycle to predict productivity gains. Productive development helps speed up product velocity and reduces the time to profitability.


A company should be able to continue to leverage, upgrade and expand on work done in the past to meet the changing needs of the future. This premise is at the core of Stepquest's approach. We use proven tools and techniques to claify upgrade paths and utilize software design patterns that are flexible and extensible. Agile software development helps customers realize maximum potential from their investments.


Once a solution is up and running it needs to stay that way. A specific business function or an entire business may be rendered inoperative by a software solution which fails to perform as intended or becomes suddenly unavailable. Stepquest offers tools and techniques which can help mitigate inherent risks and adversity in running your business software and hardware solutions.


The simple process of thinking and planning is at the core of what Stepquest believes. So many software development projects crutch on a process or tool to do the "thinking" when it is the people who need to put in the time of thinking and planning. Thinking about simplifying business processes can ease the burden on tools and resources and can make for enormous gains toward a successful implementation.

Our Vision And Mission

Stepquest listens and gets to know you.
Stepquest builds software to meet your challenges and help realize your vision.

Innovation Leader

Stepquest is committed to stay at the fore-front of technology to keep customers up-to-date with emerging solutions.

Approaches & Solutions For You

Stepquest pulls from an array of patterns and practices that meet your specific needs. You are unique. You deserve a unique solution.

Quality Service & Support

Stepquest stands behind it's work. Stepquest remains by your side as you continue to advance your solution.

mission and vision

Meet The Founder

Charles Laymon has worked in software development since 1989. A graduate of Wake Forest University ('88), Charles was quick to recognize the power of computing by developing a software solution for administering Flexible Spending Accounts (Medical and Dependent Care). Once implemented, the reduction in administrative effort could be measured in days by the customer. This success sparked a career-long interest in bringing the power of computing to small and large business. Most recently the issue of adopting practices and patterns to ensure the longevity of software has taken a front seat in the software community. With shrinking IT budgets and a tough competitive landscape, all businesses possess a keen interest in ensuring their business software investment can stand the test of time. Over the years, Charles Laymon has understood this need for maximizing software tool potential, and to that end he founded StepQuest in order to help promote the use of robust software development patterns and practices. Through consulting, public speaking and this web site, StepQuest will strive to help small to large sized businesses realize their vision for maximizing the potential for their software investment.

Our Services

Stepquest provides custom software development services.
With a broad customer profile Stepquest builds solutions to meet unique customer needs.
From Start-Up to Fortune 50 Stepquest can help craft your solutions.

Web Development

Use The Web To Maximum Effect

  • Websites
  • Web Applications
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Api
  • Mobile
  • Responsive Web

Cloud Computing

Maximize Scale and Continuity.

  • Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Virtualization
  • Database
  • Big Data
  • Hybrid Solutions

Lifecycle Consulting

Increase Project Success Rates.

  • System Analysis
  • Product Lifecycle
  • System Risk Analysis
  • Attack Surface Analysis

Data Storage

Store Data Safely and Securly.

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • HD Insight
  • Simple Table
  • Blob

Some Of Our Customers

Serving customers is why Stepquest exists.
Stepquest is focused on building relationships and a strong foundation for great software.

Customer General Electric

GE Energy

Global Nuclear Fuel - Americas asked Stepquest to bolster the development effort of rewriting their Fuel Cycle Simulation and Optimization product (ePrometheus). ePrometheus was originally written in Java with Oracle 9i. The goal was to migrate the underlying technology to the latest GNF software engineering standards (.NET ad Oracle 11g). Stepquest took a leadership role in the development of existing and new product requirements and evaluation and selection of required technologies. The new ePrometheus was successfully developed over the course of 15 months with close interaction between developers and product stakeholders. GNF now has a product that will provide the foundation for many future versions of the product.
Customer Ventana Medical Systems

Ventana Medical Systems

StepQuest was engaged by Envivid Solutions, a consulting partner, to work with Ventana, a member of the Roche Group, to perform a architectural analysis on Ventana's histology lab automation software. Working closely with the Ventana and Envivid teams StepQuest was able to help provide a plan for meeting goals for future scale-out and scale-up scenarios as well as providing a pathway for taking advantage of potential mobile and cloud computing initiatives. Along with looking at technology and overall design the team also explored future team make-up and application lifecycle alternatives. StepQuest delivered a roadmap for migrating current system design and frameworks to a more state-of-the-art system architecture to help Ventana retain competitive advantage and meet changing customer requirements.
Customer Studsvik Scandpower

Studsvik Scandpower

Studsvik engaged Stepquest, Inc. to help them research and develop a cost effective way to scale out a high performance compute cluser using low cost cloud based infrastructure. The solution developed and implemented offers dynamic expansion of compute resources based on computational request load. At any time computing resouces could be instantiated to meet increased demand for computing resources. When the resources are no longer required they are disposed of to not incur ongoing resource cost. Scenarios demonstrate clusters running 1024 CPUs.

Studsvik software solutions and engineering services are used by nuclear power plants, fuel vendors, and safety authorities to calculate fuel and core configurations for optimum, reliable, and safe operation of nuclear power plants. More than 200 of the 440 nuclear reactor units in the world have used Studsvik products and the Studsvik core management software suite is used by almost 65% of the world's light water reactors.
Customer University of North Carolina at Wilmington and The United States Marine Corps

UNCW & Marine Corps

StepQuest was asked by The University of North Carolina at Wilmington to work on a project in conjunction with The Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune to help with prevention of Combat Operation Stress Injurys (COSI). The idea was to build a prototype web based portal for troops to use to help recognize the symptoms of combat stress injury and to work on skills to help alleviate the symptoms. Marines participating in the program would receive a personalized profile outlining their unique risks for combat related stress injury and an individually tailored skills training program to reduce or eliminate that risk. Components of the skills modules include psychoeducation, virtual exposure to likely stress engendering scenarios and coaching through various online mechanisms.

StepQuest was asked to act in a consulting role to help the development team, made up of graduate students and staff from UNCW psychology and computer science departments. The team engaged in requirements gathering and technology implementation over the couse of a semester. StepQuest provided technology design and architecture direction as well as implementation of core frameworks upon which the prototype would be constructed.
Customer SpecialtySoft Software

SpecialtySoft Software

Specialtysoft boasts the number one custom framing software in the world. StepQuest has helped improve their systems over the last decade. Providing insight into subjects like security and performance has been StepQuest's main thrust. This has helped make the Specialtysoft application more secure, robust and agile. StepQuest has engineered various integration points to help extend the Specialtysoft functionality into partner products. Providing help with implementing a virtual test environment for Specialtysoft has greatly enhanced their testing and deployment capabilities. More recently SOA (service oriented architecture) has been introduced to enhance overall system extensibility and reach. By using web based services Specialtysoft can provide seamless global reach to all their customers for keeping inventory items priced correctly over time.
Customer Allen Face

Allen Face

Allen Face is the industry-leader in concrete flooring technology and was facing a challenge to quickly get a new and improved data evaluation tool into the field. The emphasis was to get an updated product into the field quickly, to alleviate difficulties with the current product and maintain a high standard of quality. Stepquest was able to design, develop and implement a solution that met the goals in less than 3 weeks. The new product is now more accessible by more users and provides a seamless and extensible framework for technicians in the field.
Customer Elfster


Elfster is an online gift exchange site that has taken off over the past 5 years. StepQuest was there at the beginning to help advise on software design and architecture. Today Elfster boasts hundreds of thousands of active users that utilize the site not only at the holidays but all year long for other holiday events (think secret valentine..). If you want to do online gift exchange, this is the site for you.
Customer Engineering Software Solutions

Engineering Software Solutions

Engineering Software Solutions (ESS) provides customers with a product called PIMS. PIMS is a flexible and robust project information management tool targeted toward pharmaceutical plant manufacturing. ESS needed to migrate their application from ASP to ASP.NET and to come up with a more flexible platform to support rapidly changing business needs. StepQuest was able to train the ESS developers in the various implementation technologies. StepQuest also was tasked with helping to implement best coding practices and flexible design patterns.
Customer Rentvillas


Rentvillas engaged StepQuest to enhance its already existing .NET code base. StepQuest added new partner integration features to allow for the automated update of property inventory data. Also, utilizing WinForm and Web Service technology, StepQuest helped Rentvillas extend its overall administrative functions.
  • Steve Sutton

    Senior Software Engineer, Studsvik Scandpower, Inc.

    I am extremely happy with the work Stepquest completed on our recent project. Having worked with Stepquest many times in the past, I knew I could count on Stepquest to approach the project with professionalism, quality work and critical thinking. For our complex project, requiring an innovative and outside-of-the-box solution, I knew I could only trust StepQuest to get the job done! It is a pleasure to work with Stepquest and I look forward to many more years of working together.

Contact Us

StepQuest, Inc. is located in the coastal town of Wilmington, North Carolina. Wilmington is approximately 190 miles (3.5 hour drive) southeast of Charlotte, North Carolina and approximately 120 miles (2 hour drive) southeast of Raleigh, North Carolina.