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Productivity, Agility, Thought and Continuity

These are the cornerstones for success in developing and maintaining any solution. Stepquest adopts these principals in everything we do. We believe our customer's investments in software assets are the highest priority. Stepquest eschews simply throwing resources at a problem. We embrace building on a foundation of thinking and planning.

Our philosophy is simple "Smart Is Smooth, Smooth Is Fast"

Productivity is key to any successful software implementation. Stepquest takes a keen interest in helping customers analyze and prototype solutions early in the development cycle to predict productivity gains from the software solution. To be productive solutions should meet business requirements in the most efficient manner possible while speeding up the processes targeted by the software solution. We believe the more productive our customers can be, the more successful Stepquest can be.
Why should valuable software investments be obselete 5 years down the road? The answer is they should not. One should be able to continue to leverage, upgrade and expand on work done in the past to meet the changing needs of the future. This premise is at the core of Stepquest's approach. We use proven tools and techniques to claify upgrade paths and utilize software design patterns that are flexible and extensible. Agile software helps our customers realize maximum potential from their investments.
The simple process of thinking and planning is at the core of what Stepquest believes. So many software development projects crutch on a process or tool to do the "thinking" when it is the people who need to put in the time of thinking and planning. Thinking about simplifying business processes can ease the burden on tools and resources and can make for enormous gains toward a successful implementation.
Once a solution is up and running it needs to stay that way. A specific business function or an entire business may be rendered inoperative by a software solution which fails to perform as intended or becomes suddenly unavailable. Stepquest offers tools and techniques which can help mitigate inherent risks and adversity in running your business software and hardware solutions.